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Modello A1419 / EMC 2806 / Fine 2014 o metà 2015. Core i5 da 3,3 o 3,5 GHz o Core i7 da 4,0 GHz (ID iMac15,1); EMC 2834 fine 2015 / Core i5 da 3,3 o 3,5 GHz o Core i7 da 4,0 GHz (iMac17,1) Tutti con display Retina 5K.

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What's the difference between MZ-JPV5120/0A4 and MZ-JPV512S/0A4?

There is just one letter difference between those two SSD's, MZ-JPV5120/0A4 and MZ-JPV512S/0A4.

Sometime, the model number ends with "/0A2".

What's the difference?

Will any of them work if I put it in my iMac 27 5k?

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Your iMac uses a custom PCIe/NVMe SSD. Apple has two versions of these a 2 lane (x2) and a 4 lane (x4). So far Apple is the only source for the x4 SSD's OWC & Transcend offer x2 units.

As for taking a MacBook Pro SSD and using it: Only the newer models (2015) have PCIe/NVMe drives, the previous generations used a PCIe/AHCI and the oldest models are SATA/AHCI.

So before you pull the SSD from your MacBook Pro go into 'About this Mac' and click System Report so you can check which SSD you have.

Here's a great diagram which explains the different interfaces:

Block Image

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Hi there, thanks for you response. I forgot to mention that my iMac is a Late 2015 so that would work. Is there any reason for the slightly different model number? Sometimes it's JPV5120, and sometimes it's JPV512S.


@alex22254662 - Unless you changed the SSD the model ID doesn’t change. Apple did use two other vendors for the mSATA and PCIe/AHCI drives.


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The R is a model code variation that means it comes with a metal heat spreader (used in ‘13 Mac Pro) so I’d imagine the S means something similar - the actual SSDs are the same.

I’m not sure what 0AX number means, perhaps it identifies the factory it was made in?

Here are some 512 GB examples:

2013 MBP MZ-JPU512T/0A6 SSUAX is slow (x2) PCIe/AHCI

2015 MBP MZ-JPV5120/0A4 SSUBX is faster (x2) PCIe/NVMe

2019 iMac MZ-KKW5120/0A7 SSPOLARIS is ridiculously fast, larger card but still fits in MBP 2015. (x4) PCIe/NVMe

In terms of speed:


Slower ——————- faster

If buying used, remember to ask the seller for this DriveDX information: Overall Health and Lifetime Left Indicator.

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The SSPOLARIS is not only fast but also consumes less power 2.6A@3.3V compared to 3.2A@3.3V for the SSUBX when considering 512GB+.


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