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Information about the coffee pod machine from Phillips released in 2006.

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The sensor on the bottom of the watertank

the sensor of the watertank to heat the water is not working anymore, the last weeks I had to "wiggle" the tank to get it to heat the water.

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There is a guide from iFixit.

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The Sensor is built in the body of the machine. The oppositepart is a Neodym-magnet. This Magnet is permantly in the watertank. The water has permanty contact to the water we drink. This water destroys the neodym magnet an destroy the surface. This is dispicable black coorodes thing. You can changhe easely the magnet.

You need a long grill tong an pry the plastic sensor upwards our of the tank. It was holded with a metallclasp. Open the little plasticbox and change the magnet. rebuild it and drink the water.

A good decision is to change everytime the water in the tank. Leave the tank empty without water. Flush the container bevor making coffe with water.

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