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Rilasciato nel Novembre 2013 da Sony Computer Entertainment, questo controller six-axis con batteria da 3.7 V agli ioni di litio non è complicato da riparare

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What is the mAh battery specification for CUH-ZCT1U?


I received a dualshock 4 which I'm currently disputing with my bank to process a chargeback claim. I have some proof from Sony that the inside is not genuine but have been as vague as possible.

Can you clarify what mAh the battery should be in this model?

I know the Sony website says 1000mAh for Dualshock 4, but it doesn't clarify this is the same for all generation.

I have a silver shimmer type foil covered battery with a yellow transparent perspect type strip where the cables come out.

Only text on the battery is:-

-YMD 603040

+3.7V 600mAh

There's no Sony logo or brand on battery

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JoB it should read 3.65V 1000mAh It is easily possible that your DualShock is a factory rebuild one and therefore the battery might be different. Of course it is also possible that it is a used controller. ....

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I have the same issue but not only that but my r2/l2 are way too sensitive and have dead zones. For some reason when i plug up the head set it is amped up way too high and the light for when it charges is yellow instead of orange.. cant return it because the seller on ebay does not except them. I bought it “new” but i am doubting the credentials.. help!


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