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iPhone 6s blackscreen display not working

hello to all I have an iPhone 6s that after repairing the backlight replacing yarn, at the time of editing the phone did not display anything new, and now my question is backlight the problem I have blackscreen?

I say this because on the lcd pins I have all the resistors backlight while on the PN5V7_LCM_MESON_AVDDN_CONN line I have no resistance.

Sometimes there is and others do not

what can it be ?

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Unfortunately, your question isn't entirely clear...the part about yarn really threw me off ;>).

I guess you are trying to understand the difference between a backlight issue and an LCD driver issue. The best way to isolate this is to plug the phone into an iTunes enabled computer. Then shine a bright flashlight on the screen. If you see a dim image, then you have a backlight issue. If there is no image, then you probably have an LCD driver issue.

What do you mean when you say you have no resistance on PN5V7_LCM_MESON_AVDDN_CONN?

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hello I'm sorry I did not explain well maybe because I do not speak English well .

initially I repaired the backlight replacing the fl

when I closed the phone I did not see anything on the display

I said on the third pin fpc lcd connector I have no resistance on line PN5V7_LCM_MESON_AVDDN_CONN , so there will be a fault in this line


What does no resistance mean? Do you mean a short? What are you reading on the multimeter (mode and measurement)?


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