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Il Samsung Galaxy S8+ è la versione maggiorata del telefono al top di gamma Samsung. Lanciato nell'aprile 2017.

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S8 clear view stand case

i am about to get a clear view case for my phone (S8+) , i have been told that NFC must be on in order to use it's function so i am worried about leaving NFC open all the time , would it drain the battery ?!

One more question can i open the camera by double pressing the power key while the cover is closed ?!

if anyone is using it please give me a feedback , thanks

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NFC will not add a significant strain on the battery. its been a phone standard for a very long time, and is taken into consideration while designing the phone.

as for the camera, i do not have the case, so i cant help you with that one. i hope someone who does, gets a hold of you soon.

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