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The Saeco Incanto Classic SBS fully automatic Espresso Machine is an easy and affordable way to enjoy true Italian espresso.

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Why my boiler valves leaks?

My Saeco Incanto Deluxe s class is leaking from the boiler valve, after every cup of coffee that is being made. It would make a hissing sound, some steam would deploy and then clear water would leak. Since it started, the steam wand won't produce any steam. I have descaled the machine, and opened it up, but couldn't find any wetness or leaks from the instant hot or boiler. What could this be?

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Hi @simple7 ,

Don't know your machine at all but was wondering if this link may be of interest to you. "O" rings are usually meant to stop leaking from connections in water systems. ;-)

Here is a link to a supplier if this is the problem. It is not a recommendation to use them.

Update (01/03/2018)

Hi Jack,

I have found the service manual for your machine type (I think).

On p.2-9 it shows a block diagram of the water system for an Incanto S-Class De-Luxe. It shows the relief valve being connected at the pump not the boiler, so unless it is physically mounted on the boiler inlet and not on the pump outlet I'm wondering what valve you are referring to.

Going quickly through the manual it appears that the HWS valve controls the water and steam dispensing function. It also states that if there is no steam coming out of the wand it may be blocked and needs to be cleared using a needle.

Hopefully you may be able to take it further with the help of the manual.

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Thanks a lot @jayeff, I have replaced that O ring few months ago, as part of my routine upkeep of the machine. My leak comes from the pressure valve in the boiler, and that won't allow for the steam wand to work properly. I just don't know why pressure will build up in the first place.


Hi @simple7 ,

It's not the valve itself that's the problem?


Hi @jayeff

I think the valve leak is only the consequence of a build up steam somewhere. If I understand correctly, the relief is through that valve.


Hi @simple7 ,

What I meant was that the valve was faulty, i.e. continually open, even partially, (you say that there is a hissing sound I assume coming from the valve). Therefore there couldn't be a build up of "pressured" steam to come out of the wand. The water leak from the valve (depending on how much) might be just condensation of the "steam" that passes through it because it is open.

I agree that it should be a relief valve which means that it should only be open when the rated pressure is exceeded and fully closed the rest of the time.


Hi @jayeff

Yeah, it does make sense that the problem

Is caused by a faulty valve, and that would explain the lack of steam from the wand. However, there’s a release of steam and water from the boiler valve after every coffee shot.

Do you know how the actual boiler valve works?

Thanks again for your help.


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