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Wireless controller for the Xbox 360

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Why is my controller not working? How can I fix it?

Hi there so I tried to clean my controller a little with alcohol hand cleaning gel and water and now it's not even switching on... I've left it dry, also opened it up and tried cleaning gently but still no luck... Can you help?

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Have you pulled the battery and cleaned all the contacts in the compartment and on the battery? Also best to just use a damp cloth when cleaning it, no water or alcohol.


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I disagree, I would dissasemble and scrub the boards with 92% alcohol. Alcohol absorbs moisture.

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Thanks for the answers, had no luck, I think there was still moisture in the controller when I tried turning it back on which is why it's not working.... I bought a new one in the end, the Gears of war limited edition controller, really nice controller, might try cleaning it with that 92% alcohol thing though and then sell it if it works.

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