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hard drive maximum size

what is the maximum size for a new hard drive that can be installed to replace the original?

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Here are some possibilities for laptops.

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480GB Mercury Extreme Pro: Legacy Edition SSD 2.5" Solid State Drive Kit for IDE/ATA Desktop Systems. High Performance internal MLC Flash storage with 7% Over Provisioned Redundancy for desktops that use a 3.5" IDE/ATA hard drive. 3 Year OWC Warranty. (OWCSSDMXLE480)

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A very interesting drive but too rich for my budget.


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For this machine you can find a 120gb 5500rpm drive or a 100gb 7200rpm drive faster one is by Hitachi, 5500rpm drives by Seagate and some others.

IDE drives are hard to find anymore and I don't think you'll find a larger internal drive that will work in a G4 Powerbook.

You can use a larger SATA drive as an external second drive in a FireWire external enclosure by MacAlley and have a boot able backup, too.

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