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Why is my computer breaking chargers/power adapters?

Hi iFixit,

So one day I plugged my laptop in and no light appeared on the magsafe adapter. Battery indicator on the UI is not showing any connection either. I reset the SMC to no avail, I unplugged the adapter from the wall for 10 minutes to no avail, and then I did both a few times and got a light. It charged while the laptop was shutdown but immediately broke again when the laptop was on (and getting a little hot).

I bought a new adapter and everything worked per usual again for 1 week. Then I noticed the light go out while the computer was getting a little hot. So now the new adapter is experiencing the same symptoms but worse because no amount of unplugging or reseting SMC is providing even a temporary fix. While the computer was shutdown, I plugged in a friend's adapter and was able to recharge again. (My new adapter does not charge my friend's laptop either so it appears to be dead).

The battery indicator on my UI says "Condition: Replace Soon" so I'm planning to buy a new battery. Is it possible that my faulty battery is overworking these power bricks and breaking them? Or is there something else that could be the cause?

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It definitely sounds like your battery is bad. It might be a faulty inverter though that's not likely since inverters are normally either good or bad without a lot of flip-flopping.

Since you already know you need a new battery I recommend ordering that as soon as possible. Old, worn out batteries can be dangerous. And replacing a battery takes only about 5 minutes...

If you plan to continue using the machine until your new battery arrives I recommend you pop the bottom case off, slip the battery out, and make sure the battery is not swollen or bulging at all. If the battery is swollen you probably should not use it.

Try this guide to pop your battery out: Sostituzione Batteria nel MacBook Pro 13" Unibody, versione inizio 2011

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