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La revisione del 2016 di Apple alla propria gamma di laptop indirizzata agli utenti professionali. Adotta un display Retina da 15" e 2880 x 1800 pixel, processore quad core Intel i7, opzioni SSD da 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB, 16 GB di RAM e tastiera dotata di Touch Bar. Rilasciato a novembre 2016. Modello A1707.

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What should I say to the apple repair centre?

Ok, I need to take my MacBook in because of what I believe to be an impact damaged LCD, I'm guessing the repair is gonna set me back about £350. However, I've been having a number of issues that wouldn't have caused me to immediately request a repair but I'm probably going to mention. I noticed the battery performance has been diminishing and the laptop barely stays charged for very long, also, the caps lock key is sometimes unresponsive. Alongside this, the trackpad can dip awkwardly at times and feels weird to the touch, slightly dipped. Is it worth mentioning these? Will they be covered under warranty as this is manufacture fault, not my own? Will I be treated differently with numerous issues?

Thanks in advance, this forum is awesome.

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Focus on the display, don't muddy the water at this point. Once you get it back check to see if the keyboard & trackpad is better if not bring it back as it should have been fixed. Apple has acknowledged the first gen (2016)Touch Bar models had issues with the keyboard.

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Thanks for your reply, as a side note, how does the quality of apple repair centres compare with genius bars? Does one have any advantages over the other?

One more question, given it hasn't been long since this model came out, will it be cheaper to get it fixed by apple or a 3rd party? I've been told apple will charge me about £200-400


In this case I would go to the Apple Store. The authorized service centers are always a bit behind the Apple Stores in knowledge and skills.

Stick with Apple Vs a 3rd party if you want all of your troubles taken care of. If you only had the display issue then a 3rd party would be cheaper.


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