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The Samsung NX1000 is a digital smart camera that was released April 2012

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How can I connect my Samsung NX1000 Camera to my Smartphone now?

Since Samsung Remote View Finder and Samsung Mobile Link Apps are already not available from Google Play Store, what mobile Application can now be used to connect my Samsung NX1000 Camera to my Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge)?

I tried to install the latest Samsung SMART CAMERA App, but it is not working with my NX1000 since as per App Description: "You can only connect to Samsung cameras manufactured in 2013 or later. ( DV150F, ST150F, WB200F, WB250F, WB30F, WB800F, WB350F, NX300, NX300M, NX30, NX mini, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy S4 zoom, Galaxy NX )".

Was the feature to connect to a Smartphone now useless just because this has been manufactured and released earlier than 2013?

Any help is much appreciated.

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Here are the 2 apps you mentioned.

Mobile Link

Remote Viewfinder

Download them to a PC and then transfer them via USB to the phone. Remember where you downloaded them to in the phone.

Enable Unknown Sources setting in phone for app installation.

Use File Manager app (or equivalent) in phone to locate file(s) and tap to install them.

When both apps installed disable Unknown Sources setting

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To be clear about @jayeff suggestion, you will likely need to find the older version to work with your camera, however his suggestion should fix your issue.


Hi @avanteguarde ,

Don't doubt you but how old is old?

One is dated 2015 and the other 2013


Very good question. NX1000 was released in 2012. (This is not an answer. I really don't know.)


Hi @jayeff , I just would like to thank you for your help!

I did what you advised me to do so, and I tested them okay and perfectly working fine! :)

Thanks a bunch!


Hi @leika ,

You're welcome.

Glad it worked.



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Hello! Glad to know you were able to get your NX1000 connected to your phone again.

In my case, I upgraded the firmware of my NX1000 to the latest version (1.15), so the solution to download the APKs for MobileLink and RemoteViewfinder did not work. My NX1000 would prompt me to download the Samsung SMART CAMERA App, but when I do, the app is unable to recognize my camera even with my phone connected to the camera's WiFi.

For those in the same situation as I am, here is what worked for me:

  • Download and install THIS version of the Samsung SMART CAMERA App (Version 1.1.9)
  • Switch to WiFi mode on your NX1000.
  • Choose which feature you want to use (MobileLink or Remote Viewfinder)
  • Connect your phone to the WiFi of the camera
  • Open the Samsung SMART CAMERA App and starting searching for camera

Then just follow the usual steps on either your camera screen or phone screen.

Your NX1000 should now be recognized by your phone, and you should now be able to use your WiFi features like before. Hope this helps!

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You rock! Unreal that this antique version of the Camera app works like a champ, and the newest one won't connect. Do you have the same issues with NFC too? Mine stopped working a year or so ago after some android updates were pushed to my LG phone.


I tried this method with my WB350F camera and my Samsung A50....same BAD result. No connection.


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Despite the disclaimer, Smart Camera app actually supports older cameras!

I tested Samsung Smart Camera v1.4.0 (in Feb 2020) with my Samsung NX1000 camera (from 2012) and firmware v1.15 and it works flawlessly. If it doesn't, choose an app on the camera, then go to your phone WiFi settings and manually connect to the camera WiFi, finally click on “Connect to Camera” in Samsung Smart Camera app on your phone.

No need to download version 1.1.9 which also has the same stupid disclaimer that it would only works with camera released after 2013.

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Can you please help me, i tried everything and nothing would connect to my nx1000 at all, not the two apps, not the two versions of smart camera, nothing at all, i start the wifi on the camera and connect to it on my phone, but the app on the phone doesn't find the camera at all, I'm running Android 10 but i tried before on Android 9 as well


mine wont connect too, ive tried everything this forum suggests to do but nothing works, pls update me if you have found any solution, im also too desperate to use the app


I have a WB850F, I tried everything and nothing works. Smart Camera app says that the camera isn't compatible with the app and the mobile link doesn't find my camera, I tried to connect manually to the camera WiFi and the app can't find it. Any solution?


It seems like Samsung abandoned the app, either in playstore or Apple App Store it says that it doesn't support Android 10 or Ios12

Really guys, we buy this expensive camera and then Samsung leave us. I'm !#^&@@. This app was the reason I used the camera, now I'll mostly use the camera on my phone


@ethehedgehog I figured!! Download this link version 1.31 and now it works on my s20+ running Android 10

Firstk make sure to uninstall the current version of Samsung Smart Camera that you have on your phone

Then download this version and be happy again

I can't believe that Samsung updated the app just to make it not usable for us. Just download the link I posted guys. It's working now.

Finally I'm using the camera again


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I was having the same connection issues where my camera and phone were not connecting despite the app finding the camera. Adriens post is on spot but here it is in 3 simple steps.

  1. Go to wi-Fi settings on the camera and click on “Remote Viewfinder” feature
  2. Go to your Cellphones Wi-Fi and search for the cameras Wi-Fi (ex. AP_SSC_NX300etc.) and connect to it by tapping on it.
  3. Once connected open the Samsung Smart Camera App on your phone and it should connect.

If it fails, restart the app and repeat the steps again, do it fast enough so the app does not time out.

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I am having the SAME issue with my Samsung WB350F camera. Everything connected FINE with my Samsung S7, but now, I have a Samsung A50, and can NOT get them to connect. Looking for an email contact number for Samsung camera I LOVE my camera, but HATE the connection issue!


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Hi i have problem too search any page Finlay i find solotion very simple

Just turn on gps give app access to location

Connect very esay phobe to camera and work all options

I have galaxy s20fe android 12 and camera nx30

Good luck ??

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