Laptop shuts down and starts after multiple retires

I had a water leakage at my place and my laptop may have gotten some of the water dripping from the ceiling at my place. The laptop was imidiately removed from the scene and i didnt notice laptop taking any water.

However when I tried to turn it on I found that on boot it showed apple logo for a second or two and then shut down. This happened couple of times even with the full power.

Next I tried hair deyer to warm the vents and after doing it from all the cvisible vents, the laptop started. and it kept on running till I closed.

Next morning when I tried to open, the same story, I had to use hair dryer and all. If I keep the laptop running, it has no issues. But once I close (or suspect if it has inactivity or if its a biot cool), it goes into deep hibernation sort of mode and then shuts down.

Doing the hair dryer trick has been working so far. Tried doing it over the past 3 days successfully, though it takes 5-10 mins of drying. Also, on restart after the dryer I get the message You shut down your computer because of a problem

That's all. No other message that can help me triage the issue. Any ideas what must be going on and how can I fix it permanently. Don't want to keep a hair dryer permanently in my laptop bag. :(

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