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Introdotto il 19 settembre 2014, questo iPhone con schermo da 4,7" è la versione più piccola dell'iPhone 6 Plus. Identificato dai numeri modello A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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It works only with one power cable

From some days my iPhone 6 works only with one. I tried with about 20 cables and it didn’t work with 19/20 cable. I changed battery and connector assembly but I didn’t noticed any inprovements. Some time I noted that my iPhone heat up. Please consider that about 4 months ago my iPhone was in contact (not immersed) with water (with wet clothes) and I changed only display. Another important thing is that I noted that one pin on the cable is more dark than normal ones. Please help me! I don’t know what I can do now. If this cable will fail...

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[image|1301917] this is the only cable that works


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Try using a cleanser or alcohol to clean the end of the socket. There may be foreign or moldy phenomena. If you clean it up or you don't work, replace it

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I replaced the connector assembly you showed in the picture but nothing has been changed. What I can do? Do I have to clean the socket on the logic board? Please help me!

Note that when I charge my iPhone the temperature increase more than normal.


First you need to troubleshoot the cause of the high temperature, is in charge will happen, so could be a faulty motherboard and tail strip line interface phenomenon, the temperature rise at the same time use the lips to touch each part of the motherboard components, you will soon find the answer, I wish you good luck!


As long as you find the elements of high temperature please take a picture and mark it to me. I will continue to analyze it for you


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