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The Samsung BD-H5100 is a black BLU-RAY player that plays DVDs and BLU-RAY discs. It connects to the Internet and has pre-loaded apps such as Netflix.

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Why am I having problems with .mov files

I have a Sambung blu-ray, model : BD-JM 51 (BD-J5100)

The blu-ray will play anything from blu-ray to dvd to dvd-r to cd-r. I received a dvd-r containing .avi, .mkv and .mov files.

They all play BUT the .mov files don't have any sound (anymore?). I am not 100% certain but I think I was able to watch some of them with sound before.

When I clicked on one of those .mov files and for the first few seconds, I can see a box which mentions that there are missing Codec. (or that the Codec can play it or somethign similar)

What do I need to do to fix the situation and hear the sound?


PS : I do have sound when trying them in my little computer screen

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lizzyborden3 the Samsung BD-JM 51 (BD-J5100) does not support the mov format. That is why you get the error about the codec. Your BR player cannot properly decode the information from the mov file. Here are the formats that are supported:

Block Image

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Thank you Oldturkey03. However, I am pretty sure that I was able to have audio on some of those .mov files the first time I received it and also during my 2nd viewing.

Let's say that the machine isn't supporting .mov (my problem is the audio only)... Is there a way to update the codec so it could play .mov files without sound problems? Are all non-expensives blu-ray machines having the same problems reading .mov files?


lizzyborden3 this is not a matter of the expense of the Bly-Ray player but of the support in regards to firmware and specific codecs. You can check the Samsung site and see if there is a firmware revision for your player.


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Do you control the BD with your computer (Like does it work as ODD) or does it have it's own OS (Operating System). I can't seem to find this anywhere.

Also if there's problems with the audio it might be the files itself, they can be corrupted/damaged.

Also is this with only the .mov file you're trying to open or every .mov file?

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The bluray machine and the computer aren't link together so it has its own OS. The problem is that the disk doesn't have any marks nor scratches and some of the .mov files used to be playable (I only watched it twice before). Sadly, I cant tell about other .mov files as this is the only dvd-r I have with .mov files.


But files work fine in the BD?

I think it really might be something with the dvd itself


Both .mp4 and .mov are both simply just containers to hold a video stream and an audio stream, like a mug vs a beer cup. By itself, there are no differences, both can hold a liquid.

In the case of mov vs mp4, both can hold the same m4v stream. However, encoding may be different. Mostly .mp4 uses H.264 to encode the video and mp4 audio or mp3 audio or something else. Quicktime uses its own encoder to create m4v, and most of the time apple .aac audio. This is likely why the player is asking for a codec. A codec is a plugin piece of software that decodes the encoded streams in the .mp4 and .mov files.


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Modern .mov files are Quicktime containers for mp4 (m4v) video files and some audio file.

It sounds like the current ones you have are using standard m4v streams, but the audio format has changed to something that the Samsung no longer recognizes.


a) downloading the latest firmware from Samsung for the player

b) on the PC/MAC, download QuickTime player. Open the ones you cannot hear on the Samsung, and convert them by going to File --> Save As, or Export (depends on the version), and change the audio format to one supported by the Samsung.

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