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The Kenmore Direct Drive is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Washer won't agitate, fills with water & will spin, but hums elsewhere

EDIT: It seems like it's problem is going from rinse to spin. Ran it through a small cycle and stops right after rinse. It makes that hum, then shuts off. There is a burnt smell, but not that bad. Ironically, going from cycle to spin works fine.

My working theory is the transmission, as it does make a bit of a rattling noise at agitation. Video: and when going into the second spin, it seems like everything locks up.

Video of the machine locking up:

Spin works fine, but anything else just hums. Finding a bunch of answers & good places to start, but something's still not connecting.

First thought was something is locking the drive and tripping the motor. BUT, I take the belt off and the motor will not engage except on spin.

This is actually an Amana, but couldn't find a suitable appliance.

Thoughts anyone?

This was the closest & best read I've found, but has a lot of options.

Washer fills with water, doesn't agitate but will spin out water?

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You have a bad bearing issue and the motor windings are bad. Most washer motors turn one direction to wash then reverse to spin, or they wash on one speed and spin on another. Each uses different motor windings.. The motor can operate in one direction fine but if the windings are bad in the other direction or speed it wont. Usually, with that much noise, you will find the center seals are bad, thus, causing a leak, rust, shorted windings etc. Look for any signs of a water leak underneath coming from the center of the tub. If you see signs of even a small leak you will need to replace the seals so it doesn't destroy whats left.

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Baxter- if you could do another video and have more light on the transmission and motor area that would be great! Keep us updated. Thanks


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I would check the float switch. Has a tube going to the washer tube and electrical lines going to the timer. The next is check the lid switch see if it is closing and completing the circuit. Ralph Fremont Calif

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Thanks for the response. I edited the original response. Still think it's the float switch?


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Well, unfortunately, it was the transmission. Given the appliances were 12years old+, other items were apt to follow going out, so I bought it all.

It would be different if it wasn't such a critical piece of a household of 5.

Thanks all for the input.

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