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Modello inizio 2011, A1278 / processore i5 2,3 GHz o i7 2,7 GHz

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MacBook Pro, will hear fan for a second but will not power up

After leaving my Macbook pro (A1502) for about a week on my desk without tuning on and letting it die completely, it now will not power up at all even after charging it over night, when I press the power button I will hear the fan or drive noise for about a second but it will stop and not show anything.

what is a fix or something i can do to fix this problem?

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Here is a good link with ways to boot up when wont start i had the same problem not to long ago and used this website to resolve my issue.

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Yeah i tried all of this already. thank anyways


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you could try Nvram and SMC reset, or ty powering with the eject key pressed, these seem to be the main fixes I have used..

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