Hk onyx studio goes sleep on jack

Hello folks

My questio is in the title when i use my speaker on TV connected by jack it goes on sleep mode after 20mn

Is this a general issue ?

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Is the speaker running on battery power or do you have it powered by the AC adapter?

According to the user guide "When powered by the battery, the speaker will go into off mode automatically after 30 minutes if no music stream is detected. The power led will be turned off".



Thanks for you answer

It is powered by the AC adapter , my situation is : i put a movie on my laptop connected through HDMi cable to the TV and the speaker conencted with Jack to the TV



Can you watch the movie on the laptop and connect the speaker's aux input directly to the laptop via the laptop's headphone jack just to see if it behaves the same way?

Another thing to possibly try is to have the TV volume set high and then adjust the speaker volume control down to suit (if you are able to get a suitable listening level that is)


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