Starbucks Barista Italia Digital "need to prime" message don't disappe

The pump is working fine, it has been replaced with a new one, all hoses and tubes been cleaned up but the error message "need to prime" does not want to disappear. The turbine meter looks okay but cannot see if it's rotating, what seems to be the problem..?

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The machine is not quite as shown, it's type SUP021 YDR


Did you find a solution?


I had a similar problem, and fixed it.

It has been working fine and used regularly for almost 3 years since I got it used. Now, it displays the "NEED TO PRIME" message. I am aware of the procedures for priming by forcing water through the steam wand. When I first got the machine I had to draw water out of the the steam wand with a turkey baster to get it operating. In this case, the priming cycle pumps water properly, but the message will not reset. I have run many priming cycles, and forced water both into the tank connection and out of the steam wand. I thought there might be something blocking the turbine from measuring the water flow. I disassembled the unit and opened the turbine assembly. It is perfectly clean and turns freely. No other problems are visible inside

At that point it was still not working. Next, the fix...


I fixed it.

Here are some details, in case you have a similar problem.

I am not sure exactly what was wrong. I disassembled it a second time and inspected everything. There was a small amount of ground coffee that had pushed back into one of the upper front hoses. It was not clogged, but I removed that hose and flushed it out. My best guess about the fix was that having emptied out water in the hoses triggered it to sense the flow again. It did not go into "NEED TO PRIME" mode after I re-assembled, though.


Two problems to watch out for when re-assembling:

1) The steam knob was not centered in the opening on the case. Sideways pressure on the knob caused an electrical disconnection that disabled everything (no display). I could not find any misalignment of the components, so I enlarged the hole in the plastic case ~1mm on the back and top to relieve the pressure. Then it works fine. After assembly, there is no electrical sensitivity to wiggling or twisting the knob.

2) There is a white level sensor mounted inside the plastic back plate. It senses the magnet float in the water tank. If you accidentally attach it backwards, it will stick in "FILL WATER TANK" mode. It needs to be mounted such that the screws are at the bottom and the short edge of the sensor with writing is closest to the water tank (as in the service drawings).


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