Sudden discharge of battery

The handset appears to be fully charged. Suddenly during use, it goes dead. When I put on the charger it shows that it is completely discharged and requires several hours charging. I have already changed to new bateries but it still happens. How can a battery completely discharge suddenly like that? Is there a solution?

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I have exactly the same problem (from around the same time too interestingly). I replaced the AAA batteries...twice.. but still it doesn't help.

@PeterBull - did you happen to get any further with this?


No further progress I'm afraid. Still a mystery. I replace the hand set on the charger immediately after use and it hasn't happened again...yet!


Thanks for the reply Peter. I'm glad your problem hasn't re-appeared. My problem persists every time - batteries fully charged. Take the phone off the charger and the batteries are immediately and completely discharged. Anyway, the Gigaset support has been quite good (despite what I've been reading on other websites) and currently the phone has been packaged up and will be sent back to Gigaset for repair (luckily I'm only 18 months into my 2 years guarantee). I hope they can find and fix the problem!


Good luck with that Bob. Apart from the irritation, the physics of it intrigues me. I hope your set is fixed. I don't suppose they will tell you but please let me. Know if they explain it.


Hi Peter, just to round off the story - the phone came back from repair today (a very efficient service I have to say) and the phone is working just fine now. On the report it said words to the effect of "Software Updated".

This is interesting given that I always allow and install automatic updates on the phone when I receive the notification. Admittedly, I ruled this out as a reason for the problems I was having so didn't investigate deeper into the software side of things. Maybe even rolling back to an older firmware, if possible, may have helped.

Anyway, a tip for anyone else who may come across this post in future - ensure you have the latest firmware installed as this might just fix your issue!


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