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The dashboard is not working

I have lincoln town car signature 2003.The dashboard is not working. It works for 5 minute one time each 6 months maybe!Could you please help me in this without changing the dashboard?

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@mohammad123 exactly what do you mean by not working? How is it not working?


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It might be a losing wire , take it apart and check it's cables if they plugged right .... If so , then check the fuses which has 5% chance to solve the problem , if they are ok then replace the multifunction electronic module which has 20% chance to solve the problem , if still have the issue after that then replace the dashboard .... Many other small things could lead to this , for example wrong radio wires or wrong computer program ... Keep in mind that metal and cables expand in hot days when they got heated and the unexpand when it's cold and they get colder , keep a closer eye on your problem , you might just fix it yourself easier that way

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