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Released on October 23, 2012. Core i5 or Core i7 Processor. Apple Fusion Drive.

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Power, fan at high speed, no image

Hi Community,

Got given a 2.3 GHz Core i7 (I7-3615QM) Mac Mini A1347 from a friend.

If it has had no power for a long period of time, it give the apple chime, then lights go out for a second, come back on and then fan spins at top speed. No image, nothing.

I have tried replacing the RAM to test if it was faulty = no change.

Have changed the power supply = no change

Not sure what else to try as I dont know alot about these devices.

Any assistance would be great :)

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I had the same issue with my 2011 Mac Mini, and I read somewhere online about the reflowing trick by putting it into the oven for about 10 minutes at 150 - 175 degrees Celsius. As it was my last resort, I couldn’t use it in a few months, I completely disassembled it to just bare motherboard, put it into the oven, heat it up, let it cool after, and it works now! It has been for a few months. Hope this helps you.

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