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Lanciato da Samsung a marzo 2016. Modello SM-G930.

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Need Schematics for SM-G930F

Hi Community,

Trying to find the schematics for the SM-G930F. I have the service guide, but its no good for what i'm trying to find out.

I have to find a short, but don't have the schematics to try and find out what circuit its in.

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see if this is any good,

havent seen any others about. this photo any help

Block Image

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Nope. Thats the one ive got :( Need them to be more like the apple ones. I need to see what the pinouts are for the U7000


can you post a photo of where you get the short. i have zxw and the g930f schematics on blackfish


Does ZXW also have thge 960F?


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This short start from cpu try to reball cpu :( otherwise you have t0 replace new motherboard

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Samsung S7 Schematic & Diagram

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Nope. Still not quite what im after. Need to see what the pins of the u7000 go to etc.

More like this:


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