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I spilt coke on my MacBook Pro with touch bar, but it's working fine

Like what the question title said, I opened a bottle of coke and coke just bursted everywhere. It spilt on to my key, and the space between the screen and the keyboard. I quickly wiped it up with a tissue and used clorox wipes to go over. The thing is that it's still working perfectly fine. But, I was wondering if their is anything that I should? I can't clean the keyboard or the batter myself because their is no way to dismantle it. (My laptop - MacBook Pro with touch bar) So, should I take it to the apple store? Or is their anything else I can do?

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Overtime your spilled drink will eat away at the circuitry!

You'll need to find someone who will open the system and carefully wipe/wash down the logic board and parts that are sticky to save your system properly (distilled water & isopropyl alcohol.

The clock is ticking here!

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I would shut down the MacBook and wait until you are certain that everything has dried out (at least a couple days). Then if everything appears to still be working you could continue to use it. If, however issues do develop, then I'm afraid that taking it to the Apple Store would be your only option as the 2015 MacBook Pro is not very reparable and furthermore, replacement parts are not readily available. Hopefully though, everything will just stay working. Good luck!

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