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Il telefono allora al top della gamma Samsung, il Galaxy S8, è stato lanciato nell'aprile 2017.

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Beta 2 killed cell service

After installing Android o beta 2 on T-Mobile galaxy s8, my phone will not connect to mobile network and does not have an IMEI number. When I restart, it activities service but then it says has stopped. What do I do?

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i am assuming you tried to flash the OEM stock rom back to the device?


Nope....I would like to keep my files. And Samsung members and Samsung + won't let me in....


well i was once a samsung warranty technician, and the first thing i would try in this situation is flashing the OEM software.

curious, did you use a certified samsung channel to flash the software onto your phone?


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I would attempt to back up your device first to keep some of your data. You can use Samsung Smart Switch to handle this.

I would then restore your unit to it's most recent OS, I believe Samsung's latest OS is 7.0 with Orea display (I believe that's what it said in the about settings).

All this can be easily done through Samsung Smart Switch.

If not, then you may have to follow the route of S W. Just keep in mind, there is a chance, not that big, that using ODIN to flash a file can overwrite data on the phone, thus losing some information. It's rare, but I've had it happen 1/20 units. Unsure why.

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1) Download stock Tmobile Android 7 from this thread.

2) You need the latest ODIN or ODIN modified

3) Put your phone in Download Mode

4) Flash back down to Android 7

You may want to use Samsung SmartSwitch to backup your contacts, messages, etc., first.

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