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Acer entered the world of laptop computers in 1997 when it purchased Texas Instruments' mobile PC division.

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Why is my laptop alternating between a grey screen and normal display?

Every second and a half it will switch between normal display and a grey, fuzzy screen. This includes when my laptop is starting up. Apart from this it seems to be working perfectly.

I'm thinking it might be an issue with the graphic's driver but I've had a look and it seems that there are no updates available for the driver and it hasn't updated recently, so I don't really know what is going on

(Edit: I have an Acer swift 5, and have only had it for 2 days)

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It is possible that the display cable that connects the screen to the motherboard is damaged. You could possibly repair it yourself, but if you have only had the laptop for two days, then return it to the store and get a replacement one!

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I agree it sounds like a loose cable or motherboard damage. I also agree since its so new, go exchange or return it. Don't repair it yourself.


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