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Sony Xperia Z4, smartphone con schermo 1080x1920 da 5,2 pollici, processore 1.5GHz, 3GB di RAM e fotocamera posteriore da 20,7 megapixel.

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Display is not working after Dropping

Hi There!!

My phone has been dropped from my hand. Since then the display went completely black. When I tried to turn on, it makes the vibration as normal Sony phones does. But after couple of seconds just the notification LED blinks RED and the motherboard gets overheated. Sent to a local repair shop, but they couldn't fix it. They put a new display , however still does the same. What is the problem and how it could be fixed?

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I could be wrong on this since I'm always learning but it is possible that a component on the board has been damaged. Voltage is sometimes sensitive and with drops, parts could bad. It sounds like a lcd problem since there is no image but if it has been replaced, then possibly the back light or a component for the lcd on the board could be damaged.

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