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Comprehensive set of repair manuals for Android tablets manufactured by Samsung, including the Note 10.1 and the Tab.

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Problems with several issues on my tablet, includeng a cracked screen.

What does it cost to have a cracked screen replaced and have the tablet checked for bugs, viruses and problems with operating the tablet. Tablet has been turning off and back on all by itself. Playing words with friends seemed to have the most problem so I uninstalled the game completely.

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Please give us he EXACT model you have. iFixit does not do repair, they publish guides and sometimes sells parts and tools to help teach YOU how to do it and not be dependent on a third party to fix the things you own.


Galaxy Tab S bought in 2015


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Best thing to do is hard factory reset the device, you can download apps that remove virus but some don't always work.

If you have important pictures on the device you can transfer them onto a computer with a cable, but considering your device may have a virus, make sure the computer your using had virus protection enabled.

To reset, Their should be a small hole, pin size, located either on the side or the rear, maybe under the back case of the device.

After a factory reset the device should be free of infestation of any kind.

As for the cracked screen, prices vary, depending on who fixes it, could be somewhere from $75-250USD. All depending on how old the Tablet is too.

Goodluck, if you need any help. @mayer is amazing and can assist you. :)

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Thanks, I'll try that.


Samsung Galaxy Tab S, Model #SM-T700


No problem, hope you get your Tablet fixed, and I suggest investing in a protective cover once the screen is fixed to reduce the chance of ending up with another costly replacement screen. :)


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