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Released June 2012, identified by model number 3560.

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My Minecraft lags and my laptop overheats

I need help my minecraft lags and overheats the laptop the only one fix is OPTIFINE

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If you're playing on a Minecraft server, I would advise you to contact the technical support of the server as this problem may occur due to the high TPS on the server. Not so long ago I uploaded my Minecraft servers to a new hosting server and all the problems associated with lags on the servers disappeared. Previously, TPS on my server reached 20% due to poor hosting, but now my players don't complain and play in comfort. If you're playing a single game, I would advise you to update all the drivers and Java, this is most often the cause of lag in the game.


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You may want to try updating your laptop.

Run Minecraft and open up the Task Manger, check what applications and processes are using your ram and cpu.

You may need to Uninstall or stop some apps from running.

Another alternative is to higher prioritize Minecraft, to do so...

When Minecraft is running, open up Taskmanager, go to details, right click 'Java.exe' or might be 'Minecraft' but not 'Minecraft launcher', click priority, then click above or high. This will adjust the priority of cpu is dedicated to that process compared to other applications.

Goodluck :)

Another couple of things you could do is

Check your laptop fan, Is it running? How much Dust is in their?

Do I open my laptop to check it? Opening your laptop to remove dust is a great Idea. Using the IFixit Tool set will help a lot. Ensure the battery and any chargers are removed from the Device before doing so. And touch something metal with your tools to remove any static electricity they may have, Otherwise you may fry some components. You can get an awesome work mat on the IFixit store I believe, It's a non-static one and it looks super handy. Make sure you take a couple pictures or atleast a drawing when you open the computer if you're going to remove any parts, Just in case you forget where something goes. ;) Last but not least, Just remember that opening a device usually ends a current warranty.

Hope this helps!

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i use a Vostro 3560 with Windows7 ultimate


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Try lowering the settings, it should help. You can also try to allocate the game some more ram (you can easily find some tutorials for that). These things helped me to raise the performance of my computer. Now it runs smoothly, and I have no lags at all. Everything is ok even when I run those beautiful and heavy worlds created using the seeds from ethershock. You should definitely try these 2 methods, it should help. I am sure that it's going to work

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