Dash lights don't work after aftermarket stereo replaced

I have checked all FUSES and all are good next thing is check relays and replace dimmer switch on dash hope it fixed my problem

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check wiring on after market stereo as there is usually a wire for lights.does the stereo light up if not can be fuse or wiring


The stereo has its own illumination and works just fine. I didn't connect the Orange wire on stereo harneds, I just tapped it off. The green wire is coming from the truck stereo harness and it is connected to the Blue/yellow (12 V constant along with the Red wire, and Yellow memory wire. If I connect the Green wire to the to the Grey wire (12 V ACC) I get no dash lights or parking lights at all, but do have head lights, turn signals and all the little icons on dash light like ( PRND, SEATBELT ECT.) Now when it's connected to where it"s at now I have the same thing except now when the key is in ACC or ON position ( Parking lights, break lights and tag lights work along with everything else but no INSTRUMENT LIGHT'S!! I've been beating myself up over this for a couple weeks now. What's really got me worked up is the stereo that was in the truck which was aftermarket as well was connected to a 12 V constant wire run straight from the battery and everything worked just like it was supposed to.


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