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Could I put a 2007 logic board in this?

Hey guys,

So my 2006 MacBook Pro has a logic board problem which causes red everywhere that there is black which is super annoying but it goes away when I plug it into a external monitor.

But that’s not the question, so anyway, I was wondering if I could put a 2007 Core 2 Duo logic board into it to replacing the existing Core Duo logic board?

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Are you sure you want to put the money into a system which has known GPU issues. You will likely need to swap out other parts as well as Apple altered the display and keyboard subsystems.

This is a money pit I would recommend looking at getting a newer Unibody system (new or used) ideally a i5/i7 model.

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Thanks for the input I will most likely get an slightly newer windows laptop as all I was using this for was gaming with windows xp but didn’t want to spend to much extra money if I didn’t have to also is there any way to fix the red lines on black???


Sorry no aces up my sleeve here, you need a new GPU chip (new logic board).


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