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Why does my laptop crash after rebooting from sleep mode?

Hi! I've had my Samsung laptop for four years now and recently I've had some problems with it rebooting after entering sleep mode. The laptop itself is in excellent condition and runs like a dream, except this one issue.


When I put the laptop into sleep mode, it'll turn off fine. When I press the button/open the lid to resume it, it will start up for a second and then completely turn off. And when I turn it back on, it has completely restarted.

I thought it might be a battery issue but it seems to do this when plugged in too.

Another thing I find weird is that if the laptop battery drains to the point it turns itself off, on restarting it will load up my laptop as exactly as it was before it died. So why can't it do it for sleep mode?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! I've been searching for a solution for months now. Thanks :)

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Have you tried enabling hibernate mode? Hibernate mode differs from sleep mode by powering off.


I've tried hiberate and that works fine. Just isn't able to reboot from sleep mode.


What Operating system are you using?


Windows 10! Although the problem started on windows 8 initially, so I wiped my laptop and updated the OS but it's still there


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I think the first thing I would do is check for a BIOS update for your computer on the Samsung website. Management of power states is complicated and I think problems in that area are not unknown. On the face of it, the hardware and the BIOS are the only things that are common between your Windows 8 and 10 installations. If that doesn't fix it then it could just be an obscure hardware problem.

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