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A portable Bluetooth speaker manufactured by Ultimate Ears.

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Why my MegaBoom won't turn on, just when it's connected to the outlet

Why does my UE MegaBoom won't turn on, just when it connected to the outlet. It's fully charged!!

Someone has the same problem? Can you help me?

Thank you in advance.

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Bought this in April 2017, Loved the performance until now . It will not respond or reset.


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Have you spoken with UE support? UE Support - US

It sounds like you either have a bad battery or the charging logic has a problem.

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Nope - silly me hasn't done that! Thanks for the reminder Dan:)


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@philipeamanti use this video to disassemble your Megaboom and replace the battery. Just because it sounds like it is fully charged does not mean it works. Batteries can be charged but lose the ability to maintain power when it is needed.Check the battery contacts and make sure that the charging port is still properly attached. Once you have a new battery installed you have a known-good starting point should further troubleshooting become necessary .

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Thanks for this. Much appreciated.


Megablast is a megaflop! I never damaged the speaker but it is hard to keep powered up. I used the press and hold both volume buttons with the Bluetooth button and it did come back on but from now on I'm sticking with JBL!!! I shouldn't have to do this crap for this price.


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I found this on another thread. My megaboom would only play when plugged in and this fixed it;

With the speaker plugged in, on, connected to a phone and playing music, pause the music(so you don’t blow the speaker or your own ears), then hold the volume up on the speaker until it starts making the limit noise. Keep holding the up button, it’ll keep on beeping and unplug the speaker. Lower volume on phone and then click play and speaker should be working

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