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Modello A1136 con 30, 60, o 80 GB di hard disk con plastica frontale bianca o nera

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What should a nonbroken HDD sound like/ HDD broken or battery?

My iPod's HDD makes some strange clicking sounds, and if I let it rest a day I can't switch it on without restoring it. After that, the screen is frozen but the battery is around 80%.

When I plug it in a powersupply it starts well.

What could it be, HDD or battery? Because I changed the battery a few days ago.

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sorry this is not really an answer, but to give you a better answer, why did you change the battery? Was there only an battery issue or something else too?



the battery was old, and so I swapped it out. Before I did this, I couldn't start the iPod. After the replacement it worked fine but there was the failure I talked about.

I think I'll just try to reset it with iTunes, maybe it's just a fragmented HDD?


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When hard drives fail, they tend to make a rythmatic clicking, though it varies with each drive, it tends to be two clicks, then a pause then two clicks again, somewhat like a heartbeat, though this will vary with each drive.

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