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Refrigerator and freezer not cooling.

The lights in the fridge and freezer flash non-stop( not sure if these two problems could be related?); this isn't a big deal, because I can just turn the lights off. The second thing is that it just stops cooling in both fridge and freezer out of nowhere. I think when we replug it in it works for a little while, and then stops working again. Thanks! http://www.refrigerator-reviews-ratings....

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This has happened to many others. It appears to be a factory defect. Try unplugging it and plugging it back in. Here is my previous answer on this including the defect link:

Whirlpool Refrigerator Interior Lights Flickering

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Power Socket or plug Issue , Just make it sure that it has no loose connection,

Please check also the Proper Voltage from your Main AC Source . 220 VAC or 120VAC

Extreme carefully handling Power,

make sure safety first, avoid electrical Shock.

No Wet Floor and Foot upon plugging and unplugging AC Mains.

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Thank you, I'll check that.


Your Welcome just keep us posted for the progress ^_^


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