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Guide per la versione Wi-Fi dell'iPad Mini 2. Annunciato il 22 ottobre e introdotto il 12 novembre 2013. L'iPad mini 2, noto anche come iPad mini con Retina Display, ha tutti i pixel dell'iPad Air in un più piccolo fattore di forma da 7,9"

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Why am I getting periodic white lines on part or all of my screen?

I am getting white lines on all or part of the screen - goes completely across vertically (from button on front to opposite end) but the lines don't always cover the whole screen. Also, this started happening only occasionally but is increasing in frequency. Spoke to person at Apple store who said nothing can be done - replace only. I assume this is down to the cost of repairs. I know very little about the inner workings of the ipad mini but am willing to try anything as it is virtually unusable at present. Thanks

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Hi Cheryl, usually when there are visible white lines present it could be one of two things:

1 > The unit came in contact with some form of moisture or liquid and was most likely completely accidental and might have never even known that it happened.


2) The unit has more than likely a slight bend in the unit that is applying pressure on the display cables or is applying pressure to the actual backlight/ Digitizer, This is most likely the cause of the white line that you can see.

P.S One of the main reasons the person and the Apple store informed you that replacement is the only option is due to the fact that fixing a bend in any unit back to a 100% true is nearly impossible and also for the fact that Apple only recycles the damaged iPads and will never repair them as per the troubleshooting/ Service procedures concerning iPad's

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