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It won't turn on

It won't turn on no power at all it was working but now it's not

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Power from outlet?


Does it have bugs in it?


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To troubleshoot this problem :

Plug something else into the same outlet. If it doesn't work, than it's a problem with that outlet.

It could also be a problem with the power chord. Make sure it's connected correctly. If you can, try to use a different one.

Check the connectors on the power chord and the outlet on the PS4 itself for sign she of damage.

If none of these work, it's probably a problem with the power supply. These are quite common, but you're probably have to take it in to a repair place.

I personally sent mine in to TronicsFix and I would highly recommend them if you decide to send it in. If not, there are various guides in the internet to replace the power supply yourself.

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