Screen broke, won't charge or turn on

I have a BLU Life XL, the L0050 model. The screen is cracked, but is more ugly than a functionality issue, how would I replace it? I know I'll need an LCD, Digitizer, and Frame as well as UV glue, but is there anything specific about this particular model I need to know?

Also, the phone will not charge! I've tried different chargers and it shows up as 0% battery, and tries to turn on, then just shuts off and continues this till it is unplugged. If I remove the battery, it shows 50%, but still turns on and off till unplugged. Because of this, my phone is no longer under warranty. Thankfully I have a 24 mo extended protection plan, but they won't fix the screen and no one around me works on this particular brand. Any ideas as to the battery issue would be great as well.

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