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Can the internal components of iPod 5 be swapped with iPod 6?

I have an ipod 5th gen, and I was thinking as it is outdated and also I need to repair it, (The home button is stuck) can I swap some internal components (maybe the motherboard

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will depend on what components you are talking about, individual components, or hardware sets such as speakers or cameras ???!


Ozm soldier, can you simply list the hardwares that can be swapped?


generally none of them, these devices are a series of engineering problems, "incompatibility is something that afflicts apple products, they probably will not work." Maybe battery if they did not have different voltages


okay, so I cannot do it I guess


I mean, like the body of both of them are identical, so cant I totally swap the internals? like take out the whole motherboard and swap it with an ipod 6 internal..(displays are same I guess?)


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I am pretty sure you can NOT fix a stuck home button without microsoldering as i have seen this multiple times before on my friends iPod and my own. As for swapping the internals i know the lcd/digi assembly is the same but i'm not sure about the rest. Look at the teardown pics and see as i just googled it and couldn't find anything on it.

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okay.. help me out with the home button. what should I do? It is stuck and does not do anything at all(no clickiness.)


If you can remove the screen, look underneath it. Is there a tiny black dot on top of the orange clicker part?


is a buton home ?!


Gigabit I didn't open it yet.. so if there's no black dot, what do I do? and if there is, then what?


If there is, then just take out the white home button in the screen, clean it, and put it back in. If not, then you're screwed if you can find anyone that will solder a new charge port on.


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