Why is the image pink/purple and hazy?

I have a Samsung plasma TV (PN60F5300AFXZA). During a lightning storm the TV was damaged. No standby light. I replaced power board and no change. Put a new main board in and we had better luck. It attempts to turn on and standby light works (all the voltages are fine Va, Ve, etc). Replaced Y-Main and the TV displays a image now and sound works. The image is pink and scrambled (you can tell Its trying to display the image), kind of looks like the pixels aren't refreshing fast enough, and the entire image is pink (and sys. menu items). I don't believe it is y buffer or f (bottom address buffer) because its the entire screen not portions. Do you have any suggestions on parts to replace? I figure next is the x main. Any help would be appreciated.

In these images you can see the outline of a persons head and the shoulders. It is trying to display the image.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@nic5603 post some images of what your screen display with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that

It sounds like a timing issue.


Thanks. I did update the post. Ya im just not sure which board would be responsible for this. Its obviously not any of the buffers (y buffer, or the large bottom buffer that runs along the bottom, I think E/F/G). This would cause partial screen problems. A horizontal or vertical thick line, either black or another color. What does the x main board do? I'm running out of boards to replace. Any ideas. I did think of timing because it looks like the pixels aren't refreshing correctly. I think it is on the main board for this model and its a new main board from Encompass.


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@nic5603 without seeing your image and just going by your description, it sounds like a bad X-Main board. I would at least start with that the X-boards function is to make the drive wave form by switching FETs to Timing Controlle coming from logic-board and supplies X electrode of panel with the drive wave form via connector.

Update (09/04/2017)

Thanks for your images. Darn, that is colorful. I do hope it is not the panel itself. I would go ahead and replace the X-board. Of course, get it from a place where you can at least return it if it does not change anything.

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