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Where is the infrared receiver?

So my MacBook Pro(13-inch Mid-2012 Unibody) can receive infrared signals, but it is unreliable(often does not like to work). What I am trying to figure out is where the infrared receiver is, so I can make sure it is not covered and make sure it is clean. I have found some information indicating that it was on a bracket along with the sleep ID light, and/or holding the hard drive, but on earlier models. I have not been able to find anything conclusive saying that it is in the same place on my model.

Also, I'm not sure exactly where on the outside case of the assembled product that would place the receiver. That, I believe I could find out myself by going through the teardown/repair guides/videos, but I'm not sure of it being on that part to begin with. I also think it would be easier if someone here knows or remembers off the top of their head where that bracket/light/receiver is. Any help here would be appreciated.

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That hard drive I/R cable is well know on this particular model. Apple was even replacing it for free (they may possibly still be doing this). It fails in two places. One from contact with the rough bottom surface where the hard drive sits on the cable and vibrated it against the bottom of the case. In this case you cover the bottom with wide electrical tape along the path of the cable. The other failure point is on the top step of the wall climb as it comes over the top. The bottom of the case comes in contact with the cable and damages it. When replacing the cable I put pads on either side of the cable to prevent the bottom cover from coming in contact with the cable.

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This îs something I didn't know . I've always wondered why they fail.


@soros that's what associating with other professionals on this site is great for. You don't have to learn everything on your own. I replace about three of these cables a week and had to develop my own fix for the problem. Just fixing a bad part doesn't cut it unless you can do something to prevent it from happening again ;-)


@mayer you are right, I don't have yet your experience in the field and trying to learn every day. I ask myself each time: from where this problem could have come.

In the case of this model I was thinking is a flaw in the circuit design not at all a wear and tear problem.


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The infrared receiver is on the right side of the Macbook and inside the machine this sensor is on the hdd cable


Block Image


Block Image

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