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Il controller wireless Xbox 7MN-0001, prodotto da Microsoft Corporation, è il controller più utilizzato per la console di gioco Xbox e può essere utilizzato anche su PC.

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Can I replace or quick fix the expansion port?

My expansion port is loose and it seems the wiring on the connector is damaged, I thought or using aluminum as a quick fix. Would like to know how that might go.

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I don't think that aluminium will fix your problem, there is a chance you break it even more if anything shorts out it there...

The best way to fix that loose port it either by re-soldering the contact so the board or by replacing the whole board. We have a guidefor that and you can even purchase the partyou will need. on the iFixit web store.

Immagine Xbox One Controller (1537) Midframe Assembly


Xbox One Controller (1537) Midframe Assembly


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The pro one isn't the board itself, its the expansion port piece, it came loose and when it did I believe the wiring on the connectors was damaged or completely removed. I think I could just replace this small piece instead of the entire board... also is this piece intended to be soldered on? When I opened my controller it was already looses and was easily removed without force.


Yes, this connector piece is intended to be soldered in place. You could just solder it back in its place if you wish, but you need to be careful not to damage anything else with the soldering iron.


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