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iPhone 6s not turning on or charging

Hi all, so last week I bought a battery replacement for my iPhone 6s from ifixit. All the installation went well and I got to use my phone the whole week until this morning. So, my battery was low last night so I decided to let it died completely and thinking to charge it this morning. When I woke up and plugged in my iPhone, there was no battery symbol on the iPhone. its like it is not charging at all. I plugged in for like an hour and tried to turn it back on but nothing works. I even tried hard reset but no luck. let me make this easy

_ iPhone's battery died completely overnight

_ plugged into charger in the morning but its not charging

_ can't turn on or do anything about it

_ tried hard reset but not working

anybody can help me please?

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Try using another battery and if it still does not charge then you have a charging U2 IC problem which needs professional repair.

If it works with new battery, the other one was faulty.

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possible power ic issue (simple way to put it) which would be repairable by a main board specialist.

quick test is open phone, disconnect battery , plug phone to mains and see if apple logo appears after a few seconds (it will appear for a few seconds , go off and repeat)

if the apple logo appears then its a good indication you have a power ic issue . if it doesnt then could just be a defective battery . aftermarket batteries are pants tbh

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to followup were your original battery issues plagued by major drain even when phone not in use.


I got the exact some problem before with my original battery. It all fixed when I replaced it with a new battery tho. But now it happened again.

And both original and my current battery drain very fast. its just keep draining even when I'm not using it


when you said "plug phone to mains" do you mean plug the phone to the charger when the battery still disconnected?


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