After replacing toner and fuser prints only blank pages

After replacing toner and fuser prints only blank pages. I have replaced the toner and the fuser totally new. The printer was on the side of the office, nobody using it and I want to recover it. I really don't know if there's anything else I should replace or clean to make it work properly. Thanks in advance.

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Well assuming you removed any seals on the new toner cartridge:

(Most laser toners have a tab you need to pull to remove a plastic strip that seals the toner into the cartridge to prevent it from making a mess during shipping, )

I think all cartridges I've seen have some plastic tab that that will prevent you from installing the cartridge if you haven't unsealed the toner bottle properly.

If the Imaging drum is not a part of the cartridge the imaging drum may be bad, or if it is part of the toner cartridge, and you got a remanufactured toner then the drum on the refill may be bad.

Beyond that if you're getting white pages It's possible that the laser emitter has died, and it's probably time to send this unit off to the recyclers.

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Thanks for your response. The thing is I already try the same fuser and toner in another printer exactly like this one and everything works perfect. So I think is not problem of the replacement parts but the printer itself. Thanks in advance.


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