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iPhone 6S won't Charge Dead Batteries

So i had a customer with an iPhone 6s and she dropped it and completely shattered the screen and lcd. the Touch ID home button also was cracked and both cameras stopped working after the fall. The phone had no life in it before the repair. After replacing the screen, Battery, Both cameras home button the top of the motherboard got really hot and as soon as the battery would die the battery would not charge. the battery charges when its above 1% but as soon as it dies it dies forever. so i changed out the battery many times and this keeps happening. I know its the motherboard but is there anyways on fixing it ?

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Well something is causing the short circuit.

Could be one or more components.

Start unplugging front and rear camera and home button one by one process of elimination.

If it starts working replace the faulty part.

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Hello, yes it is most likely impact damage to the logic board causing one or more solder connections to fracture on board components. Is it repairable? Possibly. But the repair would require tracing down any shorts and or damaged components using a multimeter and reflowing the solder or replacing the

bad components. The labor intensity may not be worthwhile unless you are trying to recover valuable personal data on the phone.

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Not the motherboard no. Have you tried swapping out the charger port section?

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Yes multiple times also the battery.


You may have to get someone who can solder the motherboard as they can be the only ones who can add or replace pins


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