Ghost screen, screen's bleeding with others, very dim screen

Hi guys, I have a Apple Watch 42mm, great condition, no falls or deep scratches, but I have a problem with it, I don't understand whats happening but he has like image above image like situation, with white screen I can see the apple logo behind the white screen, and even behind apps, it's really weird. I did a full reset, the latest update, I already reduced the transparency.

So in conclusion:

- Display very dim even with maximum brightness

- Bleeding screens (seeing (always) other screens used by apps)

-Tried full restore, reset, update, reduce transparency on.

Any ideas?

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I've been searching for an answer but with no luck. I decided to upload some photos so you guys can give it a look,

it's a really weird issue. I used a white, red and blue color so you can see what I'm talking about.

I can use the watch but theres always that ghostly images behind and a very dim brightness.

Many thanks


I have this same problem and have not found any solution either. I have also taken the steps you describe as well as updating to watchOS 4.


Hi Mike, I found out that this is a problem with the OLED display's, so the only thing we can do is to change de entire screen/display, and it probably will get worst.

Sorry.. You can sell your Apple Watch and with the money you buy another one from eBay or buy a new display from aliexpress for about 60 Euros/dollars.

Good luck


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