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Numero modello A1707. Rilasciato a giugno 2017, questo MacBook Pro adotta processori Kaby Lake fino a Intel Core i7 quad core da 2,8 GHz con Turbo boost fino a 3,8 GHz.

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Liquid (Energy drink) spilled over on the right side of keyboard

I accidentally drop 0.5/ 4 amount of energy drink over the right side of my keyboard. It's not much but it's cover almost the right side of the keyboard including the right speaker on my 15"

First, I power off my macbook pro. Then clean the keyboard and speaker part with cotton cloth and. Then after everything on keyboard was clean, I get the toothbrush and used it to clean edge of the keys at keyboards and take out the remain water. And then turn the macbook upside down with the help of gravity to pull the water. Nothing goes out. And then I start backup my data for 1 and half hr without charging and instead connect external USB on the left side where no liquid damage.

Then I turned it off completely, flip it down and place the keyboard on the table where cotton cloth or dry bath tower underneath. And turn on the fan by giving air to flow right through to the macbook pro air circulation door which exist at the button top side while turning it upside down.

I am going to set this up to 2 days, see if this work after 2 days when charging.

Any suggestion? I just bought that macbook 2 weeks ago. And I don't want to lose it.

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Hi, you can try fillling it with desiccant or rice inside the socks and put on your mac keyboard.

Hopefully everything is well to go.


@salmonjapan Augustine Around here suggesting rice as a desiccant will get you poo pooed faster than almost anything else.


@salmonjapan rice simply will not do anything to fix/remove water damage; @thihaaung your best chance at repairing a water damaged board (without doing board-repair) is to remove the macbook's logic board then soak it in isopropyl alcohol and scrub corrosion with something like a Q-tip.

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

Electronics Water Damage

^here are some links that might help.


Hi Ethan Stiles, mayer, noted, no rice as tools in future., haha, your point is good also.... I know with IPA and ultrasonic cleaner is the best way.


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Since you've probably already voided the warranty I would recommend taking the MacBook apart and soaking the parts (especially logic board) in isopropyl alcohol and remove corrosion. Take a look at this

Electronics Water Damage

MacBook water damage - The definitive guide

Riparazione danno da liquidi iPhone

Use the iFixit MacBook repair guide (for your computer) to take apart the MacBook.

Hope this helps.

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I just leave it at Apple Authorized Service Provider for Diagnostics Test (Liquid Spill) and they said you have to pay additional fees since that damage is not cover by warranty. After it has been repaired or get cleaned , the warranty stands still. That's what they told to me.


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