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The Sony Xperia Z3 is an android smartphone released in 2014 known for it’s long battery life and durability.

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How can I change circuit board for Sony Z3 because of Waterdamage?

(Für alle Deutsch sprechenden, ihr könnt mir gerne auf Deutsch antworten.)

My smartphone has water damage and now it is not getting on any more. How do I change the circuit board so my phone works again?

Or what or how do you, as Community, mean should I repair my phone?

I sent it already to a serious repair station for Sony but only to fix the water damage. After 1 week they called me on my phone and they told me that they can´t fix it and I should change the circuit board.

What happened?

In short:

I held my phone for 20 seconds in the sea water to take a photo!

But I think that is not so important for "to change the circuit board".

By the way: for all German speakers you can write me also a message in German!

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@helpmejojo sony no longer has any schematics for their cellphones. The only thing you can do in your case is try to replace the motherboard. Start with this guide. After that use these:

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

If at anytime you should get stuck with this, post some images of your issues with your question . That will allow us the see what you see. Use this guide for that.

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Sostituzione batteria Sony Xperia Z3



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Thank you for answer, but what do you mean with "schematics"?

And must I change the Battery first? Or can I only change the motherboard and then it will work again?

If I have any questions because of changing I´ll write you again.




@helpmejojo you would need the schematic if you would try to fix your water damaged board. In your case you will not need it. I always replace batteries on any water damaged device. The Lithium batteries do not like exposure to water and will eventually fail.


I already don't understand what you mean with "schematic" please can you write me a alternate word for this one?

Ok, I'll also change the battery its better to be sure that everything will works.

So last question can you send me the instruction pictures again because when I try to open them the letters are really small so I am not able to read what is inside(on PC)




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