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Apple ha lanciato il MacBook Pro 15" Retina con un nuovo display con risoluzione 2880 per 1800 pixel.

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After replace my speaker the command keys stopped working


I replace my right speaker using this guide. When I closed up the Mac and turned it on everything worked perfectly except both command keys and the small light on caps lock key stopped working. Anybody knows what should I do and what the problem is?

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Also I just find out that the 0 key is also stopped working


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Ah, it would appear that the keyboard flex has been folded or damaged during the rebuilt process.

The caps lock light is controlled by one of the outer pins on the wide keyboard flex cable, as are some of the command and modifier keys.

Its quite common for the blue underlay of the keyboard socket (what is used to thicken the cable to help it seat well within the socket) to get bent or folded if not inserted perfectly in line with the socket.

Hopefully its not irreparably damaged the keyboard socket, as thats a big rebuild to undertake. But if you open the machine up again (make sure to disconnect the battery while working on it, then disconnect the keyboard cable. Clean the end with some isopropyl alcohol and look at the outer edge of the cable to look for bends or flexes, and straighten if necessary. Then very carefully reset the cable.

Make sure to lift and re-seat the locking latch at the back of the keyboard socket each time, and make sure that it is pushed in all the way. The visible traces on the cable should all be at the same point along the cable when looking closely at the keyboard socket. i.e. it should be deeper at one side.

That should solve the problem.

But in essence, the keyboard connects to the logic board via a USB controller bus, so it is a very simply device. The only point at which the communication is completely split out is at the actual keyboard. so when you lose specific keys like that, its either the contacts of the key (under each key is a rubber dome that inverts to make contact with a very delicate contact that can easily be damaged by liquid or physical damage), or the keyboard cable or socket.

I hope this helps.

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Thank you for your response. I opened up my laptop again and did all the stuff you said but it didn't fix the keyboard. it is weird that both command keys don't work at the same time.


Yes, they will be sending data on the same data tract on the keyboard flex cable. So even though they are on opposite sides of the keyboard, their communication is passed to the logic on the same pin. The caps light is also on a separate tract to the caps key itself, so even though the LED isn't coming on, you will more than likely find that the key is actually responding normally and allows you to type with caps if its just an outer data tract being affected.

If there is no damage to the end of the cable, it could also be wearing of the flex itself. If it was creased too much while being handled, or some of the cables shielding was scraped away with a screwdriver or spudger (depending on what was used while removing the keyboard flex), but its hard to say without seeing it.

But its not the first time i've seen this sort of fault.


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Try an SMC reset and NVRAM reset (with the help of an external USB keyboard). If this doesn't work, try reconnecting the keyboard cable; this may have become slightly dislodged.

If the issue is still there, the problem lies with the keyboard. It's possible the keyboard had very minor liquid damaged, and it has only damaged the keyboard now (entirely by coincidence). This is more likely, there is not a lot which can go wrong when replacing the speakers.

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Thank you. I need to get an external keyboard to reset SMC and NVRAM


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