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Starter replacement or other problem

I went to get into my jeep yesterday and the engine tries to start but does not turn on. When I turn the key I hear a buzzing type noise which is coming from my fuel tank. So I'm assuming that noise is my fuel pump. When I try to start the car the lights inside also dim a little bit.

I tried to clean the battery terminal connectors and when I disconnected them the first time nothing would happen. The car wouldn't even try to start. I had to jump the battery and then it would at least try but not turn over. When I use my multimeter to test the battery it comes up as 12.3 V.

Does this sound like a starter? If so, how the heck do you get to it? I believe I found it but it is in a ridiculous spot. I have pictures if anyone needs them!!

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So come to find out that the issue was no spark, and anyone who has this issue could also check the ASD (auto shut down). I had a fault on that and there is a bunch of relays hidden near the bottom of the car near the front bumper. In order to get to them I had to take the driver side wheel off and the wheel well. The ASD relay was rotted off which prevented the car from starting correctly.

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I have a 2012 Jeep Compass and found if you go on the Jeep webpage, you will find a similar forum as this with some solutions to problems.

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Can I see the pictures? I’m having the same issue with my 2011 compass. It will click like it wants to turn over, but it won’t. We think it’s the starter.


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