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Dark shadow top right corner of screen?

Hi all,

My iPhone 6S + 128gb has developed this fault since replacing the screen and home button.

I took it back to my local repair shop who did the screen replacement and they fixed it so off I go all happy and then I see screen flicker when pressing the top enter of the screen. After a few flickers the dark area returns.

I go back to the store, he fixes it again only for it to return a few hours later to a lesser extent than before.

Due to the fact that it can be free of the dark area at times I don't suspect the cathode anode or diodes

What else can this be please ?

The appearance is just like the issue on this thread

Black shadow top right corner

Update (07/11/2017)

Fix was to replace the front facing camera and mic assembly

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Ok thanks for the replies

What are the chances that a new screen will not fixit ?


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because this happens often

Is not replaced in place properly, and second he can be the screen that you remplaced is Faulty.

So the best change another repair shop or take it to qualify IT Technician shop.

Good luck

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Hi All,

I did a little investigation and removed the screen and found that it was not the screen I had given to the repair shop but another.

I also found that by opening the phone and closing it again the black shadow disappeared.

Does this mean that the screen is faulty or the ribbon cables >?

I did manipulate the ribbon cable to try to recreate the fault but it didnt come back.

the bend radius in one of the cables an be described as kinked. Should there be a kink or a bend ?

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The display replacement may be faulty, some good solutions may be:

1. Try to get your phone repaired at an Apple Store

2. Buy this, and do the repair yourself!

I hope this answer helped!

Immagine iPhone 6s Screen


iPhone 6s Screen


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Ok thanks for the replies.

What are the chances that a new screen won't fix it ?


Not could be a lot of most likely would be an issue with the backlight, if could be caused by a faulty connector on the logic board which wouldn't really make sense since it's only one corner. You'll just have to take the risk of it maybe not working. If it doesn't work, you may need to just replace the Logic Board: iPhone 6s Logic Board


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A New screen and with the correct attachment to the logique board will work 100/100 but be careful with the a cable is to fragile

Good luck

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